About me:


about mE: 

Hi there, my name is Aziz Büyükkömürcü, but don’t worry, you can call me Aziz.
I was born in Germany with Turkish roots. I’m 25 and since my childhood, I was inspired by different actors who made me realize that one day I want to do the same.
After graduating from school, I wanted to study medicine and really wanted to help people.
But I also knew that it was my destiny to help people in another way… Acting!
Therefore, I decided to do what I am passionate about. And it was just about time to move from the old me, acting in front of the mirror in my child’s room, to today in front of the camera. Now I’m here and I’m excited to take you all with me on this path.



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Height:             1,84 m                              first Name:     aziz
Eye Color:       Green / Blue                   last name:      büyükkömürcü

Hair colour:     Brown                                Nationality:    Turkish / German

weight:              75-77 k.g                             sports:              American                                                                                                                  football

                                                                                                wing tsun

 Ausbildung & Workshops 

Acting Studio Cologne : 2019-2020 
International Actor with additional qualification in Moderation and Voice Acting

Acting in English with Luca Rausch and Nikki Drozdowski

Acting with Nick Dong-Sik
Acting with Michael Jassin
Film production with Heinz Dietz
Film directing with Bernd Maile

Moderation with Lars Oberhäuser&
Marius Humcke
Improvisation with Lars Oberhäuser& Marius Humcke

Voice Acting with Rebecca madita-Hundt
Voice Acting and Training with Claudia Brinker
Voice Acting with Klaus Strenge
Hip Hop and Streetdance with
Dennis Gierga